Lifecycle Celebrations

Some people experience a synagogue’s walls as barriers. For those who find greater spirituality in the natural world, Burning Bush Adventures offers the following Shabbat and Jewish lifecycle experiences. No prior experience, whether Jewish or outdoors, is required.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah training and officiation

Every culture across the world has some sort of rite of passage or ritual for becoming an adult, and they often take place in the natural world. Rabbi Greg offers a full or partial Bar/Bat Mitvah education, including foundational Judaics (holidays, history, customs) and Hebrew. Rabbi Greg will work with your family to customize the experience, helping to ensure that it’s a special milestone for all involved.*

Weddings and Commitment Renewals

Weddings can sometimes feel like a racket. The purpose of a wedding is for a couple to unite and delight in one another, but in today’s world, they tend to involve thousands of dollars and lots of stress. If you’re an outdoorsy couple or you’re on a budget, an outdoor wedding could be a perfect option! It can be a public or private ceremony, with all the details worked out over several meetings with Rabbi Greg. Rabbi Greg accommodates and blesses all loving partnerships, including LGBTQ and interfaith couples.**

Shabbat in the Great Outdoors (July-August only)

In Ancient Israel, all Jewish worship took place outdoors. In the wake of the destruction of the Second Temple, Judaism moved indoors into synagogues; but G!D is present everywhere, in everything, and for many, it’s easier to tap into those life-giving energies in the wilderness. With the aid of Jewish prayers and teachings, experience the outdoors as our ancestors did, with a loving sense of awe, gratitude, and wonder. Rabbi Greg can be hired to lead Erev Shabbat, Shabbat morning, and Shabbaton (25-hour experience, including all Shabbat services and a hike) celebrations.***

Interested? Please reach out here to get in touch with Rabbi Greg today!

*Pricing for full B’nai Mitzvah training (20+ 1-hour meetings) and officiation is $1500. Pricing varies based on child’s prior training.
**Pricing for wedding officiation, which includes 3-5 meetings with Rabbi Greg, is $900 (+travel reimbursement if applicable).
***Please inquire about Shabbat pricing by contacting us here

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